By Tim Bravo:
The demise of journalism independent of corporate sponsorship has coaxed the Truth and 2012 Awakening movements to churn out a new kind of journalist – and a gutsy sort at that. These folks are willing to put livlihood and reputation on the line in order to say things that aren’t popular; things that practically invite ridicule from the general public and even harassment from the powers that be.

But for the growing number of awakened souls on this planet, these folks represent all that is going right in the world. Many start their day by checking feeds and email updates, or eagerly awaiting word of a new YouTube upload, just to get their fix of “the news” about what they know is truly important. News they know they won’t get from the mainstream.

On this special episode of Extraordinary Year, a panel of this new breed of reporter comes together to compare notes, discuss recent events, and what’s next on the road to Awakening.

Our panel:
Lisa M. Harrison –
Steve Beckow –
Dr. Joe Marra –
Kauilapele – Kauilapele’s Blog

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