Tolec – Andromedan Council contactee

18 Comments 23 November 2011

Tolec is an Andromedan Council contactee. This is his first interview outside of and since going public with a series of interviews with Alfred Webre.

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  1. achuth says:

    lisa i also wanted to know if mother earth is living and breathing the atrocities that we are doing we should sure have hurt her i want to know how do i convey to her i am sorry and i am there and love her. how do i convey this to her

  2. achuth says:

    i loved tolec cause he gave a definite time frame i totally understand they are involved in cleaning up our planet but how long is that gonna take days months years …. waiting is hard as 3d humans

  3. kkhon says:

    The majority of the population is living in poverty and fear. Our way of life is a daily grind with the elites in power. I believe the Creator or Universe will reset everything back in balance, if what Tolec is saying is true, i want to thank to the Andromedan Council for acting. Evidently humans will reach 4D and reach the Golden Age.

  4. Brie says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Love your interviews.. well thought out questions and intelligent heart-based approach. Thank you. I see many like myself trying to put a whole picture together and integrate speakers that we have a resonance with i.e. GK & Tolec. I really resonate with Tolec AND GK. I appreciated your question to Tolec asking if a false flag or alien invasion whether hostile or angelic looking would be able to play-out and interfere with earth and her people. I am not sure Tolec had the context for that question because what I heard in his answer was no to 3D (& 4D?) races because the Andromedan Council would run interference through the use of their technology. What about 5D beings or higher 4D beings basically those who technology might be a bit beyond the councils technology. I just can’t throw out GK caution regarding ‘take caution running toward the appearance of the first benevolent other worldly helpers’. By the way this has or IS showing up now. James Gilliland has put up video’s talking about the benevolent hierarchal being like Mother Mary who have shown up at his ranch. I don’t resonate with James that much (I don’t question the ships at his ranch) and these appear to me to be what GK is pointing toward ‘as the first’ to appear. GK also says that our galactic families will show up and I’ve experienced this from that waking dream state. From all the emotions and familiarity they are definitely family and the yearning, loving, longing stays with you for weeks and months.

    I thought I’d offer this and ask if you interview Tolec again perhaps you could create context for him regarding this question and ask him to speak specifically to a ‘false flag’ regarding those whose technology is beyond the A.C. and/or if their is such a thing. Also, could he please comment or ask the AC regarding the claims of angelic’s or Mother Mary appearing. Are they affiliated? Or who exactly is behind that? This would also reveal what their partnership with earth humans would/could look like down the road. Every interaction builds this relationship. Is Tolec ready or willing to take this one step further. I’m not intending to challenge the AC that’s not what’s behind this but I am looking to see how they respond and what they’ll bring to the table as this relationship unfolds.
    Thanks so much.
    Love and Blessings to you.

  5. John says:

    Another riveting interview thanks to Lisa’s natural ability to ask the questions most of us want asked!
    Brie, you hit the nail on the head as I was thinking exactly the same regarding the 4D benevolent beings.
    If GK is correct (and I do resonate more with GK than anyone else to date) and the real deal ascension is to 5D then I must admit that I am wary of what Tolec is sharing.
    Not to say he is intentionally misleading us because he is only sharing what he has learned, nevertheless I remain cautious but thoroughly enjoyed the interview.

    Thanks again Lisa!
    Much Love.

  6. Lisa:
    I really don’t know about this guy “Tolec”. I can’t stand to listen to him for more than a couple of minutes without thinking there’s something false about his words, or character, or both. Same thing came across in his interviews with Alfred. Also, this business of the Andromedan Council hierarchy (ie: “Commander so and so”) sounds a little more authoritarian than I want to accept from supposedly more advanced souls.

    Different story completely with “Mythi” on Atlanticobr’s YouTube channel. I downloaded a PDF of all of Mythi’s messages, and, on studying them, I get the feeling of integrity and humbleness. He’s often incorrect in his predictions (which are based on his higher-level scientific training), but quick to acknowledge the rationale of even higher Galactic Council intervention in Planet Earth’s future which over-rides “science” and changes things drastically for the better.

    He (Mythi … Andromedan name “Mythisicphephics”) also mentions that there are NO authorized contacts from Andromeda — or any other galactic region — at this point in time due to the necessity for Earth people to face up to and resolve their self-created problems now that the reptilians have been shipped off to the far corners of Creation and their stargates closed off.

    He himself is Andromedan, but occupies a unique position in being allowed, due to the nature of his scientific research into human psychology, to be an unofficial contact who sheds light ONLY on what is already known or happening here on the planet. I find it highly credible and enlightening information.

    Still….he is a third dimensional being; and that is not where I want to stay! I stick with GK as well.

    Thanks for making your own path through the jungle….for us. We feel your heart, Lisa


  7. Sandra says:

    You are missing a very key piece in this puzzle. Lucifer was a real being. There WAS a Lucifer rebellion on earth. Reptillians were the serpent seed…Greys and Reptillians are CUT OFF from Creator source….Their survival depends on parasiting quanta energy from GOD source. Final adjudication is at hand.

  8. Brie says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I really resonate with Tolec. He’s genuine and authentic and without pretense. That is why I trust him. I don’t have a problem with what he is saying and I’m finding my way.
    I also resonate with GK.
    By that I mean that I recognize something deep within them and also found something they said resonated with a knowing that came from deep within my own being.

    This can always change and I could find myself resonating with someone who I don’t today perhaps even James.
    Our state of consciousness is always changing (consciously or unconsciously) and with that our perceptions.
    One thing is for sure I don’t see that there is only one right way to see things or one ‘right’ path of return nor do I see myself in search for that one truth. I actually play with a little bigger reality than that.

    I love Tolec’s innocence and authentic and genuine heart.

    When I hear someone like that I see it as an opening to connect with my authentic self and my sovereignty of purpose. This was my intention in my previous post. It has nothing to do with critical thinking, doubt or a process of ‘deciding’ to choose one over another but rather bring 100% responsibility for what takes place and manifests in this reality. One way to look at it (my least favorite way to view it and I’m going to mix metaphors but here it is for those to whom it will make a difference) It’s my adult self sitting down and dialoging and not taking my finger off the pulse for one second to let someone else build my dream home.

    I try to consciously sign off on everything that comes my way through agreement or non-agreement. Which is something quite different from being positional which only serves to collapse things into a very small and limited reality. Try contemplating participating in agreement and non-agreement that leaves everything spacious and vast.
    From my perspective this is where we are heading. I see it as unfortunate that our TV programming… you know the judging and assessing reality shows or the participating voting shows lead us into a predominate state of consciousness that keeps a higher state of consciousness far from our grasp. Notice that I did not say select one over the other or to give up our lively TV programming but we can begin to participate consciously and notice that there is the potential for us to be conditioned to think/perceive this way and that’s what I say is unfortunate.

    Learning to participate through agreement and non-agreement after a manner which leaves the reality untouched and in vastness, could it be that this has more to do with Oneness than what we previously thought made up Oneness?

  9. Kandy says:


    I really appreciate your web site and the interviews you do. Many times now I have had a “feeling” to check out your site, and you just happen to interview someone who answers many of the questions that were foremost in my mind. Thank you so much for this interview. I knew, just knew, there were good guys out there, but it was nice to get confirmation. I knew in my heart that humanity would win the day, but I still teared up several times during your interview when I heard the words of love coming from the Andromedan Council. Thank you.

  10. Maryse says:

    Something is wrong! When we become (again) 4th or 5th dimensional beings (what about 5th??) we become aware and awaken, we remember everything about our past lives, we remember from which galactic race we came from, sooooo, why do we STILL need Again someone else to hold our hand!! We will recover our memories:)
    I’m sure, I dont want a “mother” or “father” to tell me what I can or cannot do I take my “power” back:)
    GK is wright, they are going to try to keep us in their “kinder garden”

  11. :)cin says:

    I am Greatful for Your interest.

    The slogan “I want to believe” is a dangerous one.
    “Wanting” to believe can make You vulnerable to deception.

    Contact : Andromedan Council on Facebook

    Please enjoy my notes and posts for the truth of this cycle.
    You are an evolving Soul connected to Conscience which is God, who is the Universe in which we ALL evolve.
    Rely not on anything else but Conscience for Your guidance.

    I am AT Your service

  12. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yes I whamt to be a friend of The Andromedan Council and help them in enithing they need.

  14. c. crego says:

    I want to know if England will be save from catastrophic events in year 2014 or it will sunk also in the sea,if the great earth destruction to happen around the world,millions of people died,what is the safe place to hide in England,to be safe with my family!pls.could you help now.

  15. c. crego says:

    send a message in facebook pls.Cecil Crego…..

  16. Shara Rade says:

    To all of you who think that Tolec is for real, he is not. If you lie about one thing you are not trustworthy on anything else.
    This guy was/is part of an entertainment company, and his story now is that we need to take him on faith like a religion!
    He claims that asking him for proof goes against our spiritual growth. Nothing he as said would happen has, and when you ask him about it he just blows it off.

    He calls the ‘Commander’ of the primary AC biosphere ‘Commander’ because people knew Zoltar was the fortune telling coin-op from Big! Baltar is from Battlestar Galactica, and I could go on and on. The reason he isn’t doing cable access TV anymore, under his REAL name, is because Alfred Webre gave him a platform. Then when Alfred realized Tolec was wack he changed his CAVEAT LECTOR to state that Tolec was being lied to by some interdimentional entity and not talking to any Andromeda Council. When Tolec was asked about this he claimed that Alfred and his wife were under DEATH threats for supporting him. So we asked Alfred Webre himself and he said that was baloney!

    Come on guys, take a good look at Tolec’s info, there are so many holes and chinks that it has no credibility what so ever. Biospheres the size of Jupiter? Borg or em Reptilian Cubes? Dreadnoughts, Commander Tigh (Battlestar Galactica) and the list goes on. Zoltar or ‘Commander’ is 6 foot 3 inches and the avg. hight of 4D men is 7 foot plus?!

    The AC can look down the timeline and see when and what is going to happen yet they haven’t been right about a single thing?!? Tekoma and Nehohia were supposed to be orbiting between Venus and Earth in October 2011 and supposedly they are ‘parked’ on the back side of Jupiter still today.

    Just because his message sounds good, and is loving, does NOT make it true. This is a ploy to misdirect us, to get us to wait for our AC friends who if they exist at all are not talking to Tolec. Who supposedly has ‘shifted’ his Tolec work to setting up venues and planning for the ‘good will team’ to make thier way around the world. Yet nothing…

    If you want more info contact me.

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